Get to Know Us

Harrisville United Methodist Church is a “small town” church that still seeks to stimulate a revival of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. In our worship we explore scripture to seek a deeper understanding of the call of Christ upon our lives. We strive to take this message of Good News out to others while serving those in the community in need.

Our Wesleyan Traditions

We’re proud of our Wesleyan roots and Methodist traditions and we remain determined to uphold them. The ever-shifting winds of social design are respected, but the teachings of Jesus Christ are paramount.

We're Connectional

Each congregation of United Methodists connects throughout the denomination via a network of churches organized into conferences. Connectionalism is the means by which we hold one another accountable to our Wesleyan roots.

Caring For You!

Our Care Team maintains our connections with our home-bound members and friends. Regular visits from this group of dedicated folks ensures full inclusion of all members.

Local Missions

We seek to be a reliable resource to our community; not just as a place of Christian worship but also as a partner working within and across local agencies and human support organizations.

Meet Our Team

Rev. Jeff Canter


Mr. Don Connell

Chancel Choir Director

Mrs. Kristine Henley

Church Secretary

Mrs. Kim Stoughton

Education Chair